brow design


Brows. Without a doubt, my favorite part of the 'job.' 
My mentor taught me that brows really define the face and it's not all about what you remove, but more so what's left behind.


Shaping + Tinting

As an esthetician I have always given all brow appointments a full 1/2 hour and will never shorten my time.  I shape with wax and tweezers and trim.  I consult every client about the possibility of changing the shape to enhance the natural pattern and shape of their face.  I do not believe in making everyones eyebrows the same and I love helping someone grow their brow in.  Takes much patience and even more rules!  I can use the tinting service to help bridge the gap when growing in the brow as well.  The tint I use is all plant based and lasts about 2-3 weeks.

I am certified and registered with the hamilton county health department and I am licensed.


My brow enhancements not only include shaping but also tinting and now microblading or permanent tattoo of the brow for those that nature cheated or lifestyle and habit may have taken.  I find it a wonderful service for this that just cannot grow brow hair which includes many of us me included.  

I have taken two formal classes that are approx 150 hours.  I research daily as this is service is changing constantly.  we are getting better with the pigments and the tools used to create that natural brow hair stroke.  

I do not reuse anything that touches a clients skin during a microblading service and I use a medical grade disinfectant to clean all my reusable tools like tweezers and scissors.